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Our mission is to be a trustworthy partner for people who need self-expression. We are always very grateful to the customers, because their desire to see the beauty around allows us to enjoy the process of its creation. And then we admire the result together.

Now customers are trying to move away from specific silhouettes. The emphasis is made on the original neighborhood of colors and the placement of colored spots - that's why I always have an impressionist album at my fingertips. I am very inspired by archival photographs also.

What is Décor Solutions?

Décor Solutions is a story about love for the beauty that began in 2015. One day we, young and energetic girls, decided that our knowledge, ambitions, experience and inspiration were enough to create our own company. A company that has an impeccable reputation, excellent service and refined taste. In addition to this idea, we were united by the determination in life and work, the inexhaustible desire to develop, openness to new horizons of beauty and comfort. And also tireless desire to make the world more beautiful and dream as if everything is possible. Absolutely everything. These qualities became a foundation of our common cause. And it helps us become better every day.

Décor Solutions is a story about dreams which come true. Everything is possible if there is an immense desire, a flexible temper and a reliable partner. In 2015 we drew how would our studio look like, took huge number of notes and made the first business plan. Due to our perseverance and hard work today:

  • we exclusively represent in Ukraine elegant Italian textiles for interiors (Dicentra Textiles™) and its quality is equal to such world textile collections as Dedar Milano and Nobilis (quoted from our dealers and clients);
  • we have our own brand ZLATA interior artist™, which specializes in pictures and original interior wall painting;
  • we supply unique wall-mounted soft panels  Soft Interior™;
  • we cooperate with the best architects and designers of the country;
  • we have a wide partner base.

Why do you have to trust us?

We think creatively, we work clearly and coherently.

We are honest and responsible.

We always work perfectly, because we do not know how to do it differently.

We closely follow the most important thematic exhibitions - ISALONI (Italy), Maison & Objet Autumn (France), 100% Design London (England), to offer our customers and partners the most up-to-date solutions.

We travel the world, it helps us become more courageous, enrich the palette of decorative techniques.

We furiously admire what we do. We admire and proud.

If you would like to ensure the sophistication of our solutions and the artistic value of the wall-painting project made by Décor Solutions team, you can see it with your own eyes. Just enter the Kyiv studio of Solmaz Fooladi, the renowned Iranian architect , visit the Creative International Children's School in Goloseevo or simply view the photo on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

If to notice the beauty around - is your hobby, and to surround yourself with the beauty - is your need, we will be really happy to cooperate!




Turgenevska street 65, office 17
Kyiv, Ukraine

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+38050-679-42-10    Vodafone
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Monday-Friday: 10:00-19:00
Saturday-Sunday: weekend

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